Honda CB 200

The CB200 of 1972-74 was a sporting, high-revving roadster (twin carburettors, six speeds, front disc) with a top speed in excess of 80 mph and an mph/rpm rate, in sixth gear, of 8V2 per 1,000, which meant
that any owner with even the mildest interest in guick travel tended to keep the tacho needle almost permanently in the red, beyond the 9,500 border.
Usually finished in what interior furnishers might term lime green, and with a little roll of padded fabric along the top of the narrow tank (a feature peculiar to this model and of doubtful utility), the electric-start CB200 was never a big seller, despite an attractive specification.

CB200: Twin-cylinder, ohc, 198cc (55.5 x 41mm). 17bhp/9,000rpm. Five-speed gearbox. Coil ign I alternator. 2g petrol, 3ptoil. Telescopic/pf. Tyres, 2.75x Win (fr), 3.00 x Win (r). 3081b. 80mph.


Body set CB 200



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